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Live in Spirituality,


and purpose


Baltimore native, Rashad Mills
is flooding the airwaves one positive message at a time. Rashad’s energetic personality is contagious, captivating, and consistently inspiring. Whether Rashad is lighting up a stage or brightening up your screen, his desire to connect passion and purpose through spirituality is evident. Mr. Mills has an innate responsibility to share his knowledge with the world and positively motivate others. There is experience that comes through education and experience that comes from circumstance. Rashad has been blessed with both and he is excited to share his his story.


Rashad’s dedication, persistence,
and tenacity is no coincidence. It was developed through a will to succeed and a drive to be much more than a statistic. In 1995, Rashad’s academic career culminated when he graduated from Woodlawn Senior High School. After graduating, Mr. Mills experienced a few life altering moments, including being shot. The potentially fatal moment served as wake up call for Rashad. He realized that he wanted to live a more productive and gratifying life. Rashad wanted to become a man that would make his family and community proud. Also, to be greater than the generations that came before him. As a result, Mr. Mills enrolled in Benedict College. After the first year, fate brought Rashad back to the Baltimore area; where he later enrolled in Morgan State University and attained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Broadcast Journalism. Shortly after college graduation, Mr. Mills began to reap the labor of his hard work and sacrifice. Rashad landed his first major opportunity in Bend, Oregon as a Sportscaster for KTVZ Channel 21.


Once Mr. Mills’ tenure concluded
at KTVZ, he returned to Baltimore and was aligned to his purpose. Rashad had the opportunity to serve as a teaching assistant. The role was rewarding but Mr. Mills was more intrigued by what motivated the students versus the academic content. The experience influenced Rashad to earn his Master of Science Degree in Counseling from Johns Hopkins University and ultimately secure a position as a Mental Health Therapist at the Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center. However, Rashad didn’t stop there and he refuses to stop there. Mr. Mills knows that God continues to bless him, so that he can be a part of something greater. A movement to positively inspire others to walk in their passion and purpose.


Rashad’s ultimate goal is to
become a full time motivational speaker and household name.

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