Rashad Mills | Never Quit on Your Dreams
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Never Quit on Your Dreams

Never Quit on Your Dreams

What’s up World??!!!

It’s your main man Rashad Bow Tie Mills and I’m excited because God has allowed me yet another opportunity on earth. As I write this first blog post-I couldnt help but to think that I’m actually living out my dreams. This has been a long time in the making. I have always had a dream of being a media personality and at one point-I was doing just that as a sportsbroadcaster. Unfortunaely, I experienced a series of events(which I caused) that crushed that dream. I never thought in my wildest fantasy that I would get the opportunity to be back at this place. I’m releasing a motivational mixtape in the next five days, in addition to this I have my own online streaming radio/TV show, completing a book, plus a weekly motivational segment titled Happy Hour. WOW!!! REALLY!! And just to think- a few years ago, I was on the floor in my apartment asking God not to allow me to die witout finding my purpose. The sky is the limit from this point going forward. This post is succint but to the point:NEVER QUIT ON YOUR DREAMS!!! And I’m out!

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