Rashad Mills | The Super Bowl
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The Super Bowl

What’s up world????

It’s your main man, Rashad Bow Tie Mills. And the blog for this week is titled “The Super Bowl.” Millions upn millions of people will engage in watching the Super Bowl tomorrow evening. At first glance, The Super Bowl is the culmination of the two best teams at the end of the year battling for the right to be called to be champion. Of course, you have to mix in some of the funniest commercials with new products being launched to attract the consumers eye. And how could anyone forget the all important-usually(my opinion)dull and overrated half time show. These are some of the elements that make up the Super Bowl, and hopefully a great game.

I, just like, many of you that are reading this blog, used to think the same things about the Super bowl. However, after my recent purpose driven awakening, I view the Super Bowl in a different light. I think about the countless number of people who have spent time preparing and celebrating a game that doesn’t feature a team they have any interest in. Even more painfully is the idea that the spectators are more  consumed with watching others chase their dreams, yet won’t put in the  time and effort doing the same for themsleves. I should’ve prefaced this blog with the statement that I loved sports(a former sportscaster) and I understand that we all need to engage in something that us away from the stressors of life. I Get it! But with that being said, can you afford to waste an entire  day without working towards your goals. I can only speak from my personal experiences. A few years back, my entire Super bowl Sunday was structured on the schedule of waking up to eat( for the purpose of having a full stomach to drink), having a desginated driver to shuffle me from party to party(so I can drink more), and ultimately plan how to attend work the next despite being hungover. Again, I was celebrating all while my personal Super Bowl dreams were being sacked.

Please be cognizant that all of the players in the game had to sacrifice something into achieve their desired dreams to make an NFL team. While you watch the game, ask yourself what have ypu given up to play in the Super Bowl of your life???? Did you thrown an incomplete pass on your dreams? Did you punt the ball on the goals that you once wanted?

Dont allow your dreams to remain at halftime, while the players and the rest of the world are chasing theirs.


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