Rashad Mills | It goes in the DM(Direct Messaging)
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It goes in the DM(Direct Messaging)

It goes in the DM(Direct Messaging)

What’s up world??!!! Its your main man, Rashad Bow tie Mills.

I just wanted to drop a sentences for this week’s blog. The title of the blog can be attributed to a Memphis rapper named Yo Gotti, who popularized the phrase and made it into a song. Keep in mind, Yo Gotti’s version of going down in the DM is drastically different than mine but it serves as a pretty good backdrop. His version is identified with making passing(old school term) to young women via direct messaging on social media. After a hearing it a few times on the radio- I begin to argee with him that it does down in the DM.

The diret messaging that I’m referring to is the ┬ámental direct messaging that we subject ourselves to the implications that it has on us. I randomly starting doing research on the human brain(I’m a nerd and I love learning new things) and I was intrigued to find two things. One, is that the human brain weighs three pounds. Such a powerful tool weighs so little? The other fact that shocked me is that our actions and decisions are 95 unconscious. So in laymans terms-without thinking- we make choices and decisions. I pondered on that fact for the whole day because I couldnt get it out of my mind. I was shocked by the signifance of it. This literally means that the majority of the mesages that are sent to our brain will automatically lead us to making a decsion and completing an action.

It becomes no secret that succuessful people flood their three pounds brains with direct messaging that will benefit them. It is impossible to have or maintain a positive way of thinking with the infiltration of negative mesages going into ones brain. So, I ask the question-what mesaages are you sending to your brain? This is a fascinating subject and I hate to cut it short but I’m on the way to my speaking engagement.

And with that being said- I…AM…OUT!!!!!!

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