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Get Your mind Right

Get Your mind Right

What;s uo world??!!!

It’s your main man, Rashad “Bow Tie” Mills and I’m grateful to have another opportunity to have share this blog with you.

We are in the May-which signifies Mental Health Awareness month. As many of you know- I am licensed mental health therapist and mental health is a source of passion for me. I love metal health for several reasons. The first reason stems from my stroing desire to assist others and the second reason is my own mental health issues.

Get ready because I’m about to go deep as be extremely candid- only because I know my story was meant to serve as a mesaage that could help someone else.  IN 2014, I experienced a hard breakup that left me searching for answers and I was ultimately placed in a psychistric facilty for 48 hrs. Talk about a hellish, unpleasant experience.!!! My mind has played the ultimate trick on me and convinced me to think that suicide was an option. (Thank God for my two friends that had me emergency partitioned.)Looking back at it, it was one of the best things that ever occured in my life. I learned lessons that will help me overcome challenges that I faced for the rest of my life. The human mind is far stronger then we give it credit for. I want to encourage you that none of problems will break you down-killing yourself IS NOT AN OPTION. Live with the pain and hardship and grow from it. As I sat in a room with a hospital gown on, looking at the walls, pondering how could this happen to someone who was trained to deal with  mental health issues-I realized that power of addressing mental issues prior to “reaching the break.” During that two day period, I repeatedly told myself that I would always inform others of my mental health struggles, in addition to working twice as hard to help others that I worked with.

My passions and professions of motivational  speaking and mental health led me to interact with a lot of individuals and one of the key points I stress is the importance of mental health. Far too often, people place  belief in physical health but not mental health. NEWS FLASH!!!!! It’s just as important. Dont be caught being mentally out of shape. My mental breakdown allowed(forced) me to align my mental health to the point of being consider mentally strong. I would be remist if i didnt gave you a few points to improve your mental health condition.

  • Have a spiritual or religous routine that consists on obtaining a deep understanding of something greater than yourself.
  • Engage in physical excerise as a method of creating healthy self-care for the brain.

There a lot more but start with these and notice the improvements.


In order to perform at the optimal level in life- please GET YOUR MIND RIGHT.

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