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Let Nature Take It’s Course

Let Nature Take It’s Course

What’s Up World??!!

It’s your main man, Rashad Bow Tie Mills.

And I’m excited that the God allowed me another opportunity to wake up.

As I type this, I’m watching game 5 of the NBA Finals. It is one of the few sporting events that I actualy devote a little attention to. I’m paying particuarly close attention to some  of the players on the court like Steph Curry, Kevein Durant , Lebron James, and Kyrie Irving.

What do they all have in common? Sure, they re exceptional at what they do and will all be in the hall of fame one day. Sure, they are all financial well off because of the lucraitve contracts and endorsements deals.  Those are the obvious reasons, but it’s not so obvious that all of them allowed nature to take it’s course. Allowing nature to take its course is a code for “things will happen when the timing is right.” How many people remember Steph Curry in college or even his first years in the league? Not many!!!! One of the factors for his success right now is the result of nature taking it course and not rushing the invitable. Lebron James has become a NBA Finals regular going to seven straight. How many remember the years when he first entered the league and played on less than great Cleveland Cavaliers team. Not many!!! His current championship success has been predicated by hardowrk and allowing nature to take it course.

Let me explain in greater detail what this means. Think about the four seasons that the world goes through every year. Summer, spring, winter and fall. Just imagine if winter arrived in August or if spring arrived in January. Can you fathom it? I surely can’t for a number of reasons, including a total confusion aboout how to dress:) Nature teaches us to understand that things happen at the right time and they can’t be rushed. As I continue to get wiser- I understand some things will happen naturally. So many people wonder about the who, what, where, when and why their break through will come about. Here is my answer to that: Let Nature Takes It’s course.


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