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Take It Off

Take It Off

Whats up world??!!

It’s your main man Rashad Bow Tie Mills and I’m excited to have another opportunity to share some thoughts with you.

I thank God for waking me up another day!!

Over the last few weeks, I have found myself in a few stores purchasing some new and much needed professional and summer attire. I rarely shop these days. In the course of going into different stores and surfing the internet; my mind immediately went back to the days in which I bought clothes to cover my personal issues and I was consumed with having the finest “labels.” I vividly remember purchasing Ralph Lauren shirts in massive quantities, not because I needed it physically but I needed mentally. I was fully clothed but naked. My self esteem and depression caused me to purchase items that I cant afford, often times I didn’t wear and to impress people that didn’t care about me.

I have an awakening one day that caused me to take off all of the labels and walk off naked. No, I wasn’t walking in middle of street naked, but I stripped away all of the insignificant materials things that didn’t matter. I realized that I was happy with myself (really happy) and nothing artificial. ┬áTo be honest, I enjoy going into goodwill with the hopes of lucking on a purchase or two. And guess what? Once I put on the clothes, I don’t feel any differently. I just want to encourage not to be defined clothes and labels. You will be always be in the constant state of needing the next item to justify who you are. You are worth more than that!!!

Please take it all off! Walk around naked and be comfortable with your true self.


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