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Stain the Deck

Stain the Deck

Whats up world???!!!

It’s your main man, Rashad Bow Tie Mills.

Happy 4th of July to everyone, and yes, I still work on holidays because my dreams dont stop.

As many of you know, I wasn’t blessed with the ability to be a handyman. The thought of me touching a hammer causes nightmares:) For years, I understood what my stregnths are and I try to stick to them to avoid major frustration and embarassement. However, over the course of the last few days, my fianceee asked me to help her stain a deck. WOW!!! REALLY!!! My anxiety level sky rocketed because I know what can of headaches awaited me.

Hold up! Wait a minute! As a motivational speaker, I enocurage people all the time to step outside of their comfort zone in order to achive success and here was my oppoortunity.

First, I went  to my local home depot and rented a power washer. As I felt the pressure from the washer, I watched the water rinse away all of the dirt and grim that had settled in for years. During this process, I thought I was literally washing away all of my years of relauctance, fear, dscomfort that had built up regarding handyman activities.

Secondly, I had to put a new layer on the deck to give its orginal shine. As I went through the process of kneeling at odd angles, twisting and turning to make sure I didnt miss a spot, I noticed that I was applying more than a stainer. This was an evolution for as me, as I stepped, marched, and danced outside the normal comfort zone. I was completely liberated by this experienced. It was incredible!!! I have stared at the deck for several hours admring the work that I did.

The last 24 hours with all of the blood(yes, I cut myself) swears and cheers(I plan to celebrate with ice cream), provided that you can do anything that you choose to. Attack the very thing that you thought you couldnt do. Stain The Deck.

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